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CipherHealth CTO Nate Perry-Thistle Discusses Cloud Strategy

In this video, CipherHealth Chief Technology Officer Nate Perry-Thistle discusses how CipherHealth has shaped the patient engagement category in healthcare and delivered our groundbreaking products to our health system partners effectively and efficiently with support from SADA and Google Cloud.

CipherHealth and the Cloud

CTO Nate Perry-Thistles: CipherHealth provides a complete patient engagement platform that helps connect patients and providers at every step of the care journey. CipherHealth actually started in the cloud and became cost prohibitive and kind of compliant challenged to be running in the cloud. CipherHealth was started in 2009 so it’s not an early stage startup. We eventually had several co-located facilities and all the computers and all the headaches that comes with that. One of our physical servers and one of the co-auth facilities required like a ball peen hammer restart at one point. They’re just literally trying everything they can to get the machine to restart and I’m calling my boss the CEO and saying “Yeah this might be the one”. I want to be cloud agnostic. I love Kubernetes and Anthos and I want to be able to put my customers where they feel that sort of most trusted place.