Reduce Avoidable Readmissions

Reducing avoidable readmissions is a necessary goal for any healthcare provider. As financial incentives and quality rankings increasingly rely on readmission rates providers must coordinate care more effectively across the continuum to achieve success.

CipherHealth's Readmission Reduction Solution

Automated Outreach

Care Transition Management

Recorded Care Instructions

CipherHealth’s unmatched readmission reduction solution ensures seamless care transitions and effective patient engagement. With personalized patient care recordings, post-discharge follow-up calls, and transitional care management, identify patients most at-risk for a readmission and proactively address potentially adverse events.

For Patients

With personalized recordings and regular calls to check on recovery, patients are effectively engaged in their care and know that should an issue arise, a care team member will be there to help.

For Providers

With CipherHealth’s readmission reduction solution, you have the information you need to ensure patients do not get readmitted. Automated alerts and in-depth reports ensure prompt resolution of patient issues, as well as long-term organization-wide improvements.

Patient Journey

From Post-Encounter to Recovery

Step 1

As the patient prepares to leave the facility, nurses deliver important medication and care instructions.

Step 2

Within 24-48 hours post-encounter, the patient receives and answers a personalized follow-up call or text. If the patient’s response triggers a concern, an alert is automatically routed to the appropriate staff member for follow up.

Step 3

Over the next 30 days, the patient receives additional calls, texts, or emails to check in and make sure that the nurses are able to monitor that she or he is on the path to recovery.



Less likely for patients receiving automated calls to be readmitted, compared to manual calls


Decrease in readmissions rates at UPenn Home Care


Reduction in orthopedic readmissions at Middlesex Hospital

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