Enhance Nurse Workflows

Increasing regulations and patient expectations are putting a heavy burden on nursing staff, causing high burnout rates. With the help of proven technology that aids and simplifies daily activities, nurses can spend more time doing what they love, taking care of patients.

CipherHealth’s Solutions Impact Nurse Workflow

Automated Patient Outreach

Care Management

Digital Rounding

Using CipherHealth’s intuitive and integrated technology to help with rounding, patient outreach, and care management, nurses are able to spend more time providing care and less time entering and deciphering data.

For Patients

When nurse workflows are enhanced, they are able to consistently create meaningful interactions that help patients and their caregivers feel better cared for and more satisfied.

For Providers

With proactive outreach and customized technology, staff members are able to resolve patient issues quickly and effectively to create positive experiences and improve outcomes.

Nurse Journey

From Pre-Arrival to Recovery

Step 1

Nurses use CipherHealth’s digital solution to simplify the rounding process and send automated alerts

Step 2

With automated outreach to all patients once they have left the facility, nurses can focus their attention on patients needing assistance

Step 3

Keep patients on the road to recovery by easily assigning and completing care management tasks



Increase on Nurses’s scores for the ability to track and trend patient information at Henry Ford Hospital


More efficiency in resolving issues reported by nurses at a Sentara Healthcare hospital

30 Min.

Nurse Leaders feel they save 30 minutes per day by leveraging digital rounding for patient rounds

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