Encourage Patient Engagement

Patients engaged in their care are more likely to have positive experiences and improved outcomes. To succeed today, providers must leverage proven patient engagement solutions across the care continuum and across all modalities of care delivery to provide the right information to patients at the right time.

CipherHealth’s Patient Engagement Solution

Patient Education

Digital Rounds and Surveys

Timely Patient Outreach

Patient-Provider Communication

We help you cultivate continuous relationships by communicating with patients prior, during, and after an appointment or treatment, regardless of the care setting. By empowering all patients with the right information at the right time, your team can steer patients to the right level of care and convert even first-time users into loyal customers. Follow up with patients to address any concerns or confusion, give patients continuous feedback on their condition, and resolve minor problems to prevent complications that warrant readmission or an ED visit.

For Patients

Calls, text, and emails containing timely and relevant information can keep patients engaged throughout their care episode. This engagement technology keeps patients informed, reducing frustration and confusion.

For Providers

With proactive outreach and customized technology, staff members are able to resolve patient issues quickly and effectively to create positive experiences and improve outcomes.

Patient Journey

Across the Care Continuum

Step 1

Prior to arrival, patients receive appointment reminders, educational material, and pre-arrival surveys.

Step 2

During their stay or visit, patients answer survey questions during proactive rounds that allow their care providers to quickly identify and resolve issues.

Step 3

After the stay or visit, patients utilize two-way communication to ask providers questions and stay on the road to recovery.



Greater HCAHPS than the national average gains on Hospitals using automated follow-up calls


Engagement rate with follow up calls at Edgewood Place Skilled Nursing Facility


Increase in the number of HCAHPS surveys returned after 10 months

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