COVID-19 Vaccine Communications Solutions

With two vaccines in the market now, an end to the COVID-19 pandemic is in sight. But healthcare systems are still struggling to manage surging case volumes, and as resources are channeled into COVID-19 relief efforts, there is little capacity remaining to plan how to administer the vaccine to wider patient populations. Additionally, confusion about availability, distribution tiering, and dosing abounds, causing even greater chaos for your staff.

Communications will play a critical role in ensuring effective and successful vaccine dissemination. In particular, digital engagement platforms can promote vaccine effectiveness by seamlessly messaging patient populations en masse about vaccine availability, educating them about expected side effects, reminding them of their second dose appointment and monitoring them after they receive their shots — all while reducing the burden on hospital workers.

The COVID-19 Vaccine Communications solutions comprise the following four coordinated functional offerings:

On-Demand Messaging

Reduce the burden of high volumes of incoming calls asking about COVID-19 vaccines by proactively sending basic information and pushing callers to your website, or other sources, for updates.

Appointment Reminders

Ensure success in administering both doses of the vaccine to your patient populations by engaging with patients to confirm they attend their second dose appointment within the necessary time frame.

Post-Visit Outreach

Support your patients by sending voice recordings and educational content within 24 hours of vaccination, including possible side effects and when to be concerned, thereby reducing unnecessary trips to the ED.

Longitudinal Monitoring

Track and monitor vaccine recipients for a set period of time (recommended for 1 - 2 weeks post-vaccination) to ensure program effectiveness, patient well-being, and satisfaction.

How It Works

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