The Importance of Appointment Reminders

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When patients are discharged from the hospital, it is a common best practice to ensure a physician follow-up. This follow-up appointment helps keep patients on the path to recovery and helps to reduce readmissions. It is during this appointment that patients can ask questions about medications, wound care, and more, thereby providing the opportunity for their physician to establish that the patient is indeed recovering properly.

Unfortunately, the concept of a follow-up appointment can be a challenge for patients to adhere to despite its importance. The struggle for many patients is remembering to both schedule and attend their follow-up appointment. Even if an appointment is scheduled during the discharge process, no show rates exceed more than 50% as patients forget to attend.

However, appointment reminders can effectively help reduce these no show rates, thereby reducing readmissions and improving patient outcomes. When deciding how to best implement appointment reminders, it’s also important to think about staff workflow. With a solution such as CipherOutreach Appointment Reminders, it is easy to send automated call or text outreach to patients to confirm their appointments without significantly adding to the workload of employees. The reminders can also include educational information such as building location, pre-appointment instructions, and more.

With appointment reminders, providers can be notified of patients who wish to reschedule, need additional assistance, or simply do not respond to outreach. These patients can then be contacted to resolve issues and ensure they are prepared for their follow-up.

Once no-show rates are reduced, hospitals can expect to see a drop in readmission rates and an increase in CAHPS scores, as the additional touch point gives patients the opportunity to communicate more effectively with their providers. To learn more about how CipherOutreach Appointment Reminders can help your organization, contact us today.


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