Physician Practices Can Boost Revenue and Efficiencies Through Automation

In today’s world of healthcare, technology is more prevalent than ever, and the utilization of that technology is changing the way providers and patients interact with one another. Providers are embracing automation in place of manual processes, which allows for staff members to focus more of their time on patient care. Due to the inefficiencies and tight margins, a top priority for providers is to decrease their existing no-show rates. The burden of cancellations and no-shows have a direct effect on clinical staff who manually call those patients, which tends to leave less time to emphasize patient-centered care.

So, how can automated outreach help your practice? Texas-based Wichita Falls Gastroenterology Associates (WFGIA) answered this question by teaming up with CipherHealth to make automated pre-appointment calls to ensure patients are ready for upcoming visits. Once the patient receives a call, they are provided with specific details such as; date, time, location of the appointment, along with their physician’s name. From there, they have the option to confirm, reschedule, or cancel. If they choose to reschedule, the call is triaged in real-time to a staff member who then follows up to schedule a new appointment.

Utilizing CipherHealth’s patient outreach platform, CipherOutreach, WFGIA engaged with 73% of their patient panel and saw a 98% decrease in no-shows. Overall, 83% of patients who received appointment reminder calls through CipherOutreach completed their visit. These outstanding results prove patients are receptive to pre-appointment outreach and that utilizing automated technology, like CipherOutreach, is a cost-effective way to reduce no-shows.

CipherOutreach’s robust reporting provides insight to assist staff in gaining a better understanding of cancellation/reschedule rates, ultimately giving them the ability to backfill these appointments. In turn, automated outreach now provides incremental revenues that would have been lost in the past.

With robust reporting, seamless integration, and customizable workflows, CipherHealth has been ranked Category Leader for Patient Outreach in the Best in KLAS 2019 Report. To learn more about CipherHealth’s patient outreach solutions, contact us today.

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