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Going Beyond the Patient to Provide the Best Care for the Patient


At CipherHealth, we believe that providing quality patient care goes beyond caring for just the patient. We’ve often highlighted that in order to achieve the triple aim in healthcare – better outcomes, lowered costs, and improved experiences – healthcare providers must focus on the quadruple aim, which includes the need for staff engagement.

This couldn‘t be more true than during the COVID-19 pandemic.

To truly care for patients during this crisis, healthcare leaders must think beyond just the patient. They need to think about the critical staff that support patients, the facilities that enable the care, and the overarching community the organization serves. In other words, they must go beyond the patient for the good of the patient.

It Takes a Village: Staff, Facility, and Community 

CMS recently released guidelines for resuming elective procedures. This first phase marks a key moment in healthcare and will serve as a foundation for change that could potentially impact the future of healthcare for decades to come. The guidelines make clear that hospitals must focus on multiple aspects of care delivery including regular staff screening, facility and supply audits, and timely patient screening and communication

These recommendations highlight the responsibility of patients, staff, and facilities in keeping COVID-19 from spreading within communities and reducing the likelihood of surges in volume. In a time that is still far from normal, hospitals need to do everything they can to ensure the best possible outcomes for their entire community. As we enter a new phase of the pandemic, CipherHealth is assisting healthcare organizations across the continuum by providing critical and timely communications that ensure the well-being of the entire spectrum of care – including staff, sites, patients, and communities.

CipherHealth’s Crisis Response Solutions were designed to give healthcare leaders the flexibility to quickly deploy the right program at the right time to address the needs of all stakeholders. Whether the need is to audit for supplies, screen staff members for symptoms, or monitor patients tested for the virus, CipherHealth provides the necessary tools to adapt to the changing needs of your organization. 

Contact us or email [email protected] to learn more about how CipherHealth’s Crisis Response Solutions can help your hospital or healthcare system go beyond the patient to provide the best care for the patient.


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