Preparing to Resume Elective Procedures? See How Site Care Audits and Checklists Can Help

Healthcare workers preparing for elective procedure

As part of the president’s “Opening Up America Again” plan announced on April 16th, some states are considering resuming important elective procedures that had been delayed as a result of COVID-19 . 

In response, CMS has released recommendations for facilities that are reopening for non-emergent, non-COVID-19 services, including meeting the gating criteria as outlined by the president’s plan. In addition, considerations specific to hospital preparedness, including the use of PPE and supplies, workforce availability, screening of staff and patients, and sanitation protocols are provided.

The goal of the CMS recommendation is to ensure that organizations have adequate facilities, workforce, testing, and supplies to resume procedures without jeopardizing surge capacity

Use Site Solutions to Help Meet CMS Guidelines
Location rounding, sometimes called Environment of Care rounding, including site inventory and surge capacity audits, is one way to help ensure your facility is prepared to meet these recommendations. Regular audits and site-specific checklists help ensure that infection control procedures and surge protection policies are adhered to.

With CipherHealth’s Crisis Response Solutions for Site Rounding, organizations can proactively identify issues that arise, such as low supplies or infection protocols not being followed. Additionally these site-focused solutions provide leaders with in-depth reports that highlight any issues or trends, and then send out immediate, automated alerts to the appropriate team to ensure that issues are quickly resolved.

In addition to preparing facilities for reopening, COVID-19 Site Rounding can help reinforce processes through each phase of the pandemic. As healthcare providers continue to refine operations to meet the situational and regulatory changes as a result of COVID-19, having technology and processes in place to assist with current efforts, in addition to planning for future events, is critical.


To see more ways in which CipherHealth customers are adapting their rounding programs to meet the challenges of COVID-19, download our overview, “New Rounding Approaches in the Time of COVID-19”. 

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