Exploring the Patient and Family Engaged Care Framework: How technology can help meeting PFEC goals

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Patient and Family Engaged Care (PFEC) is defined as care that is planned, delivered, managed, and continuously improved in active partnership with patients and their families to ensure integration of their health and health care goals, preferences and values.

A Scientific Advisory Panel, convened by the National Academy of Medicine Leadership Consortium for a Value and Science-Drive Health System, has developed this definition based on a review of the evidence in support of PFEC. While this definition provides some clarity around what it means to provide patient and family engaged care, there are some key pieces in that need further exploration.

The PFEC Framework

Digging Deeper into the Framework
I am so intrigued by this complex model that I reached out to one of the authors at Planetree, Sara Guastello. During our conversation, we discussed the evidence used in support of the development of the framework, the evolution of PFEX, and the idea of being open to using patient and family experiences to consider what works in the PFEC model.

In many of my recent conversations with CNOs throughout the country, I have heard repeated questions about how the CipherHealth products and services are supported by evidence and fit into a framework for patient and family engaged care. Over the next few weeks, we will explore how CipherHealth products and services line up and support the Patient and Family Engaged Care guiding framework.

To do this, we will review the framework’s Organization Foundations- Leadership and Levers for Change. During these articles, we will discuss the evidence based strategic inputs of structure, skills and awareness building, connections and specific practices. We will explore the framework’s foundation and inputs, but more importantly, we will explore the framework’s outputs such as engagement, decisions, processes, and experience.

Upon exploring the inputs and outputs of the framework, we will dive into the outcomes and goals an organization would hope to experience. This could include better culture, better care, better health, and lowered cost. Finally, we will discuss how to utilize data, continuous feedback, and co-creation to drive further improvements over time.

Exploring the Relation of Technology and the PFEC Framework
I invite you to explore together how CipherHealth products and services are integrated into the important and ground breaking framework. Over the next few weeks, I look forward to sharing my thoughts on the PFEC framework and how technology can play an important role in putting these ideas into action. I also invite you to come speak with us in Baltimore at Planetree’s International Conference on Patient-Centered Care.


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