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CipherHealth is Top-Rated Patient Communications Vendor by KLAS

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We are excited to announce that CipherHealth is rated as the highest-performing patient communications vendor by KLAS, a healthcare IT research and insights company. This is the second year in a row that KLAS has rated CipherHealth as the top-performing vendor; in 2016, CipherHealth was rated the highest-performing patient outreach vendor. The “Patient Communications 2017” Report incorporates evaluations from 178 providers across the care continuum including hospitals, clinics, home health agencies, and skilled nursing facilities. CipherOutreach, CipherHealth’s best-in-class proactive outreach solution, earned the highest overall score of 91.5. CipherHealth was recognized as a top performer in multiple categories, including the most effective reporting and analytics tools.

Proactive Partnership in Patient Care

Across all seven technology vendors evaluated by KLAS, CipherHealth leads customer satisfaction by helping customers maximize the value of their solutions. Healthcare providers leverage CipherOutreach to reduce avoidable readmissions by proactively identifying, addressing, and resolving patient concerns. CipherOutreach conducts proactive outreach by sending calls or texts to the designated patients, asking them a series of customized questions. Based on patient responses, specific staff members are automatically alerted to resolve any issue or concern. This streamlined approach ensures that every patient receives follow up and that valuable staff time and expertise are focused on patients who need additional assistance.

One surveyed customer shares, “CipherOutreach helps us feel confident that patients will make it to the next point in their care plans. Those calls are worth their weight in gold because we are able to assist patients before they come to the hospital.” In another customer testimony, CipherHealth is recognized for going above and beyond: “I have not found anything that CipherHealth has not been able to develop or implement for us.”

Data-Driven Patient Outreach

CipherHealth customers report the highest satisfaction with analytics and reporting functionalities, which are key to achieving optimal patient outcomes. Customers appreciate that instead of just providing the numbers, CipherHealth develops a close partnership with the healthcare system to identify exactly where there is potential for improvement. One surveyed customer explains, “CipherHealth is always helping us think of different ways we can use the product and improve patient care.” One hospital administrator says it best: “CipherHealth helped us a lot to see where we were being inefficient. We have made small changes in the way we take care of our patients, and a lot of those changes have been because of feedback we have received through the calls or the surveys. I do not think we would have caught those things or seen those inefficiencies and redundancies without the calls and surveys.”

The KLAS “Patient Communications 2017” Report reflects CipherHealth’s commitment to partnering with healthcare organizations across the care continuum to enhance patient engagement, increase patient satisfaction, and improve care coordination. Learn more about how your organization can leverage CipherOutreach to engage 100% of the patient population with proactive outreach across the patient journey.


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