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CipherHealth is Top Rated Digital Rounding Tool in 2018 KLAS Performance Report

CipherHealth is Top Rated Digital Rounding vendor in the 2018 KLAS Performance Report

We are excited to share that CipherHealth is named as the top-performing Digital Rounding vendor in the 2018 KLAS Performance Report. This honor is reserved for vendor solutions that lead the digital rounding market with the broadest clinical and operational impact on healthcare organizations and their patients. CipherHealth has the top-performing product in Needed Functionality, Quality of Phone/Web Support, and Likelihood to Recommend.

Increase Patient Satisfaction with Proactive Service Recovery

With payment incentives tied to patient and family satisfaction, it is critical for hospitals to proactively identify and address patient issues on rounds. With CipherHealth’s automated alerts and unique flagging feature, providers are able to quickly identify, track, and resolve patient concerns. In describing the power of real-time service recovery, one CipherHealth customer surveyed by KLAS explains, “We are hearing feedback from patients and families in real time, so we can fix issues before the patients leave. Previously, issues like that were not picked up. Patients would maybe complain to their nurses, but we wouldn’t know about problems until after patients completed our survey. We can initiate service recovery based on patients’ specific concerns.”

As more value is placed on a patient’s perceived experience, open communication channels and effective care coordination are critical to driving long-term success. As organizations seek to create a culture of rounding, it is important to measure the quality of care delivery through service recovery.

Demonstrating the Value of Actionable Data

To deliver care that is truly patient-centered, healthcare providers must utilize data to make targeted improvements. Leveraging actionable data to drive decisions will lead to more efficient use of resources and a greater chance of achieving desired results. By integrating CipherHealth’s patient engagement technology into day-to-day workflows, healthcare organizations are able to track a variety of initiatives on one integrated platform.

CipherHealth’s digital rounding solution captures patient, staff, and facility-level data on one platform to drive transparency across the organization. One KLAS-surveyed hospital leader shares, “CipherHealth has helped us to better understand and evaluate processes that we were previously unable to validate appropriately. So we actually uncovered quite a few things that were not working well, and we were able to fix them.”

We are honored to be recognized by KLAS as the leader in both digital rounding and patient outreach. By integrating multiple communication methods to meet patients where they are, CipherHealth empowers providers to effectively engage patients throughout the continuum of care.

Read on to explore how your organization can meet Quadruple Aim goals with CipherHealth’s integrated suite of best-in-class patient engagement and care coordination solutions.

2018 KLAS Digital Rounding Report, June 2018. © KLAS


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