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CipherHealth Awarded Top KLAS Ranking for Patient Outreach and Digital Rounding

CipherHealth Awarded Top KLAS Ranking for Patient Outreach and Digital Rounding

We are excited to share that CipherHealth is the #1 vendor for both Patient Outreach and Digital Rounding in the 2019 Best in KLAS: Software & Services Report. This is the second year in a row that CipherHealth has been named as the KLAS Category Leader for Patient Outreach. These two categories rated by KLAS form the twin pillars of a comprehensive patient engagement strategy, helping healthcare providers meet patients where they are during their hospital stay and throughout their care journey.

By reflecting the voice of thousands of providers and payers, the Best in KLAS: Software & Services Report serves as a catalyst for improving healthcare. The highest honor in the Patient Outreach and Digital Rounding categories is reserved for vendor solutions that lead the market with the broadest clinical and operational impact on healthcare organizations and their patients. “Category Leaders are committed to providing the very best technology, service, and guidance to providers and payers. The Category Leader award highlights outstanding vendors who have raised the bar,” states KLAS President Adam Gale.

With previous #1 rankings as the KLAS top-performing vendor for Patient Outreach and Digital Rounding, CipherHealth consistently exceeds customer expectations. CipherHealth’s enterprise patient engagement platform enables hundreds of healthcare organizations along the entirety of the care continuum to deliver a unified and tailored experience to patients – keeping patients safe, on the path to recovery, and involved as active participants in their health and wellbeing.

From pre-arrival education and in-hospital rounding to follow-up outreach, CipherHealth has built the most integrated suite of patient engagement solutions in the industry. Contact us to learn more about how your healthcare organization can leverage CipherHealth’s integrated suite of best-in-class patient engagement and care coordination solutions to consistently deliver the right care, in the right place, by the right person.

CipherHealth KLAS Ranking and Awards Won in 2018

CipherHealth was named as the top-performing Digital Rounding vendor in the 2018 KLAS Performance Report. This honor is reserved for vendor solutions that lead the digital rounding market with the broadest clinical and operational impact on healthcare organizations and their patients. CipherHealth has the top-performing product in Needed Functionality, Quality of Phone/Web Support, and Likelihood to Recommend. In the 2018 KLAS Patient Communications Report, CipherHealth scored significantly above market average for multiple key performance indicators, including Overall Product Quality, Proactive Service, and Ease of Use.

Increase Patient Satisfaction with Proactive Service Recovery

With payment incentives tied to patient and family satisfaction, it is critical for hospitals to proactively identify and address patient issues on rounds. With CipherHealth’s automated alerts and unique flagging feature, providers are able to quickly identify, track, and resolve patient concerns.

In describing the power of real-time service recovery, one CipherHealth customer surveyed by KLAS explains, “We are hearing feedback from patients and families in real time, so we can fix issues before the patients leave. Previously, issues like that were not picked up. Patients would maybe complain to their nurses, but we wouldn’t know about problems until after patients completed our survey. We can initiate service recovery based on patients’ specific concerns.”

As more value is placed on a patient’s perceived experience, open communication channels and effective care coordination are critical to driving long-term success. As organizations seek to create a culture of rounding, it is important to measure the quality of care delivery through service recovery.

Demonstrating the Value of Actionable Data

To deliver care that is truly patient-centered, healthcare providers must utilize data to make targeted improvements. Leveraging actionable data to drive decisions will lead to more efficient use of resources and a greater chance of achieving desired results. By integrating CipherHealth’s patient engagement technology into day-to-day workflows, healthcare organizations are able to track a variety of initiatives on one integrated platform.

CipherHealth’s digital rounding solution captures patient, staff, and facility-level data on one platform to drive transparency across the organization. One KLAS-surveyed hospital leader shares, “CipherHealth has helped us to better understand and evaluate processes that we were previously unable to validate appropriately. So we actually uncovered quite a few things that were not working well, and we were able to fix them.”

We are honored to be recognized by KLAS as the leader in both digital rounding and patient outreach. By integrating multiple communication methods to meet patients where they are, CipherHealth empowers providers to effectively engage patients throughout the continuum of care. Learn more how your organization can meet Quadruple Aim goals with CipherHealth’s integrated suite of best-in-class patient engagement and care coordination solutions.

Optimizing Patient Outcomes

With the shift towards value-based care, it is critical to benchmark quality improvement initiatives with actionable, data-driven insights. By automating and streamlining data collection, robust reporting and analytics can cut costs and meet regulatory requirements. However, the true potential of real-time analytics is to change the way that healthcare is delivered, experienced, and perceived.

In describing the power of real-time reporting and analytics, one CipherHealth customer surveyed by KLAS explains, “As the patient answers questions, we receive alerts that tell us whether we need to contact the patient. That way, if any new information emerges, we are notified right away. We can actually talk to the patient about problems instead of finding out about things days or weeks later.” With the volume of data generated in healthcare settings, delivering insights into historical, current, and predictive information ensures that healthcare providers can proactively address concerns before they escalate into adverse events. One surveyed practice administrator says it best: “CipherHealth has always been more than willing to indulge us and help us run those numbers. They don’t just show us the numbers, but they help us see where we have potential for improvement.”

Create a Culture of Patient-Centered Care to Enhance Patient Experience

To deliver care that is truly patient-centered, healthcare providers must proactively anticipate patient concerns and integrate patient experiences into planning and decision-making processes. Patients and their caregivers must be embraced as valuable and contributing members of the healthcare team. The core of patient-centered care is patient satisfaction. When patients feel that their healthcare is tailored to their specific needs, this is reflected in the healthcare organization’s HCAHPS scores.

One surveyed healthcare professional shares, “CipherHealth has helped us improve our patient satisfaction. To move even one percent up in patient satisfaction is incredibly difficult for us. We moved up our scores around 5%. We have been able to respond and make changes in the delivery of our care.” There is a difference between assuming what is right for the patient and engaging the patient in defining what is best for them. Every touchpoint should be tailored to the individual needs of the patient. One surveyed CipherHealth customer explains, “Our most meaningful outcome is that we have been able to give patients the help they need. We have reduced readmission rates and ED bounce-back rates. Most importantly, we have the time and ability to identify the patients that have problems through proactive outreach, and we have been able to help those patients. Voice makes a difference to patients as individuals.”

We are honored to be recognized as the Patient Outreach Category Leader in the 2018 Best in KLAS Report because this reflects CipherHealth’s dedication to improving the lives of patients and providers. Explore how your organization can redefine the future of healthcare delivery across the care continuum with CipherHealth’s integrated suite of best-in-class patient engagement and care coordination solutions.

CipherHealth KLAS Ranking and Awards Won in 2017

CipherHealth was rated as the highest-performing patient communications vendor by KLAS in 2017. This was the second year in a row that KLAS has rated CipherHealth as the top-performing vendor; in 2016, CipherHealth was rated the highest-performing patient outreach vendor. The “Patient Communications 2017” Report incorporates evaluations from 178 providers across the care continuum including hospitals, clinics, home health agencies, and skilled nursing facilities. CipherOutreach, CipherHealth’s best-in-class proactive outreach solution, earned the highest overall score of 91.5. CipherHealth was recognized as a top performer in multiple categories, including the most effective reporting and analytics tools.

Proactive Partnership in Patient Care

Across all seven technology vendors evaluated by KLAS, CipherHealth led customer satisfaction by helping customers maximize the value of their solutions. Healthcare providers leverage CipherOutreach to reduce avoidable readmissions by proactively identifying, addressing, and resolving patient concerns. CipherOutreach conducts proactive outreach by sending calls or texts to the designated patients, asking them a series of customized questions. Based on patient responses, specific staff members are automatically alerted to resolve any issue or concern. This streamlined approach ensures that every patient receives follow up and that valuable staff time and expertise are focused on patients who need additional assistance.

One surveyed customer shares, “CipherOutreach helps us feel confident that patients will make it to the next point in their care plans. Those calls are worth their weight in gold because we are able to assist patients before they come to the hospital.” In another customer testimony, CipherHealth is recognized for going above and beyond: “I have not found anything that CipherHealth has not been able to develop or implement for us.”

Data-Driven Patient Outreach

CipherHealth customers report the highest satisfaction with analytics and reporting functionalities, which are key to achieving optimal patient outcomes. Customers appreciate that instead of just providing the numbers, CipherHealth develops a close partnership with the healthcare system to identify exactly where there is potential for improvement. One surveyed customer explains, “CipherHealth is always helping us think of different ways we can use the product and improve patient care.” One hospital administrator says it best: “CipherHealth helped us a lot to see where we were being inefficient. We have made small changes in the way we take care of our patients, and a lot of those changes have been because of feedback we have received through the calls or the surveys. I do not think we would have caught those things or seen those inefficiencies and redundancies without the calls and surveys.”

The KLAS “Patient Communications 2017” Report reflects CipherHealth’s commitment to partnering with healthcare organizations across the care continuum to enhance patient engagement, increase patient satisfaction, and improve care coordination. Learn more about how your organization can leverage CipherOutreach to engage 100% of the patient population with proactive outreach across the patient journey.

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