Building a Positive Culture at CipherHealth

Fostering a productive workplace with satisfied employees requires companies to find a balance between flexibility and accountability. CipherHealth knows that excellent work does not come from unhappy employees. When you feel mentally and physically positive, it is reflected by the contributions you make at work.

CipherHealth’s belief in work-life balance is a guiding factor in how the company operates, and prompted an unlimited PTO policy. Co-founder, Randy Cheung explains, “Each person at Cipher is exceptionally hard-working and dedicated. They want to come to the office every day and complete their work, and we trust that they will. We’re actually forcing people to take vacation to make sure they have adequate time to refresh.”

This sense of trust in employees is further demonstrated by the lack of hierarchy in Cipher’s work structure. CipherHealth isn’t the type of environment where interns are going on coffee runs or senior members are found in separate offices. Everyone works side-by-side, facilitating a high level of team collaboration. Whether it is your very first day or you helped found the company, you are encouraged to voice opinions and offer suggestions. “When everyone comes to the office with ideas that they feel comfortable sharing, that’s when you produce the best work and see positive results,” says Cheung.

Open communication and collaboration are also promoted by weekly “round up” meetings, attended by Cipher employees across the globe. CipherHealth doesn’t have distinct departments, and encourages teamwork between specialties. “We have several projects occurring at one time, and people are working from different locations,” says Cheung. “These meetings are an opportunity for us all to come together and understand everything that the company is working on. Because at the end of the day, we are all working toward one common goal.”

At CipherHealth, “positive culture” is not an empty claim to bolster a LinkedIn profile or attract new employees. It is a fundamental company objective, and something that every member of our team actively works toward. Cipher’s commitment to positive culture has been recognized by Modern Healthcare, as we were named #2 Best Place to Work in Healthcare in 2015, our second year in a row placing in the top 5.


Ranked as the “Best Overall Patient Engagement Company” in MedTech's Breakthrough Awards for 2020, and the top-performing vendor for patient outreach and digital rounding by KLAS in 2019, CipherHealth is a proven technology partner committed to enhancing communication and coordination throughout the patient journey. CipherHealth’s suite of patient engagement software empowers healthcare organizations to foster meaningful connections to ensure the best possible outcomes for staff members, patients, and their loved ones.