A CipherHealth Community Forum: Utilizing CipherRounds Rounding Best Practices

Being a member of the CipherHealth community comes with many advantages. A newly established benefit comes from participation in our unique user forum webinar series. During these webinars, hospitals around the country learn from each other by sharing learnings and best practices on implementing technology.

Recently, two organizations highlighted their outstanding work with implementing CipherRounds, CipherHealth’s KLAS #1 ranked digital rounding solution. Claudine Cangiano and Nicole Cintorino from Northwell Health discussed best practices in implementing their patient rounding program while Gay Cunningham from Intermountain Healthcare shared their journey in implementing a staff rounding program.

Northwell’s LEAD Rounding Program

    • Northwell Health, a complex health system located in the New York metropolitan area, implemented LEAD (Leader Rounding Embraced by All Department) as part of the strategy to improve quality, engagement and the patient experience with an overall goal to engage leaders to see how their work impacts patient lives.

In addition to resolving patient concerns on the spot, Claudine and Nicole reported that they saw improvements across key performance indicators in employee engagement and the patient experience.

Intermountain’s Staff Rounding Program

Intermountain Healthcare is a large integrated healthcare system with 22 hospitals across Utah. The Southwest Region of Intermountain Healthcare headquartered in Salt Lake City, UT wanted to provide its leaders with actionable information from staff rounding, so it streamlined its staff rounding process using CipherRounds. It is the same technology used for patient rounding, but instead of rounding on patients, leaders can easily round on staff members.

Gay reported that through staff rounding, the staff was able to identify what was working well and identified improvements that were resolved and tracked to ensure staff knew that their suggestions were shared and resolved.

Key Takeaways
Claudine, Nicole, and Gay identified how they designed and implemented their digital rounding solution, and how the use of CipherHealth’s best practices helped them achieve their organizational goals. Some best practices for both organizations included:

    • The importance of leadership support and visibility as the organizations rolled out CipherRounds along with other change management strategies
    • Using CipherRounds’ alert functions for on the spot service recovery and immediate problem resolution with specific goals
    • Immediate recognition for a job well done through Care Grams that are incorporated into their organization’s ongoing staff recognition programs
    • Accountability regarding the rounding standard work for managers

The different uses of CipherRounds demonstrated its adaptability to engage leaders and quantify data that meet organizational needs. The presenters identified similar needs that drove their adoption of CipherRounds — the need for consistency in their rounding process, the need to capture actionable data with real-time alerts and the need for data analysis and improvement.

CipherRounds can be customized to meet your unique organizational and also be utilized for multiple use cases. To learn more about CipherHealth’s award-winning digital rounding solution, please click here.

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