9 Reasons to Automate Your COVID-19 Vaccine Communications

COVID-19 Vaccination Communications Solutions

As COVID-19 vaccination efforts continue to ramp up, hospitals — already resource strapped from managing rapidly increasing COVID cases — will be faced with addressing even greater administrative and logistical burdens. They will need support to complete the herculean task of vaccinating their entire staff and patient populations. By utilizing CipherHealth’s COVID-19 Vaccine Communications solutions, healthcare leaders can prevent increasing administrative load on their workforce and protect them from additional burnout.  

The benefits of implementing automated communications solutions include increased operational efficiencies, digital communication enhancement, and improved population health outcomes. 

Here are 9 reasons healthcare organizations across the country are turning to CipherHealth’s COVID-19 Vaccine Communications solutions

1. Optimize Your Resource Allocation 

Increasingly, healthcare administrative staff is spending too much time addressing the high volume of incoming calls to their facilities. By implementing an automated messaging program to answer patients’ questions about COVID-19 vaccines, staff is freed up from administrative tasks, allowing them to spend more time where they are needed most – tending to critically ill patients.

2. Alleviate Stress on Your Already Burdened Staff

ntenable call volumes, due to questions from family members who cannot visit their loved ones, has proved distressing for care teams. Adding to this volume questions about vaccines further taxes these essential resources. Having pre-recorded messages with answers to the most commonly-asked questions and an option to have a staff member call the patient back as needed helps to significantly reduce the time staff members spend on calls.

3. Seamlessly Coordinate and Track Vaccine Appointments

A rapid influx of vaccine appointments requires prompt attention to organization and recordkeeping. Automated pre-appointment messaging and appointment reminders can help ensure patients show up for their appointments fully prepared and streamline appointment documentation, which is particularly important for scheduling second doses of the vaccine.

4. Enhance Your Communications and Digital Engagement Strategies

As healthcare consumerization increases, facilities will face increased pressure to offer superior and seamless digital experiences not just for patients, but for their families and caregivers as well. Every CipherHealth communications program is built upon clinical expertise, and our solutions are under constant evaluation by our own clinical staff experts, something traditional CRMs lack.

5. Build Brand Loyalty

The days of the hospital monopoly based on geography are numbered. Patients have more options for receiving care these days than ever. Delivering a superior communications system for vaccine recipients incents them to remain loyal to your facility rather than choose a local retail pharmacy or alternative vaccine distribution center. This further highlights the ways in which your organization is proactively serving your community.

6. Protect Your Communities

Efforts should be made to identify and remove obstacles for communities in receiving the COVID-19 vaccine, including those impacted by social determinants of health. Making it easier for all of your populations to receive accurate vaccine information increases consumer confidence in and adherence to vaccine protocols and reduces the level of fear and confusion surrounding misinformation.

7. Track Vaccine Effectiveness and Patient Health

Monitoring patients post vaccination is essential to reduce the impact of side effects and deliver a good patient experience. Automated post-visit outreach offers a simple follow-up channel for tracking patients post vaccination to identify and address any potential adverse events, further ensuring the safety of your communities.

8. Manage  the Complexities of Vaccine Delivery Logistics

The country is only at the beginning of administering COVID-19 vaccines and already there is much confusion surrounding a successful rollout. As vaccine distribution increases, your communications will need to be coordinated and scale rapidly while you ensure that distribution is managed efficiently.

9. Create Operational Efficiencies for Other Vaccination Efforts

Though COVID-19 may be a once-in-a-century pandemic, vaccinations are common occurrences. CipherHealth’s Vaccine Communications Solutions can be used for future vaccination efforts for COVID-19, yearly flu shots, and more. 

Over the past decade, CipherHealth has helped several leading healthcare systems administer a variety of vaccine programs. From its onset, COVID-19 has demonstrated how critical it is to plan ahead and prepare for the imminent distribution of vaccines to the general population — in order to deliver the right vaccine information to the right person at the right time. 

Learn more about CipherHealth’s COVID-19 Vaccine Communications solutions to ensure your facility is prepared for the rollout of vaccinations in your community.


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