Achieve Magnet Recognition

Achieving Magnet Recognition is a process that requires effective tracking of initiatives, improved nurse satisfaction, and the engagement of staff members at all levels in the decision-making process. With CipherHealth’s technology, you can improve the ability to track the implementation and the outcomes of key programs that meet Magnet goals.

Achieving Magnet Recognition with Integrated Technology

In-Depth Analytics

Real-Time Automated Alerts

Digital Staff Rounding

CipherHealth’s integrated product suite and in-depth analytics provide the tools your team needs to work towards achieving ANCC Magnet Recognition Program requirements collaboratively and efficiently.

For Patients

As patients become more informed about their provider options, hospitals with Magnet recognition will be an attractive option for patients seeking care from the top facilities.

For Providers

Achieving Magnet recognition showcases the dedication an organization has to improving nurse satisfaction, enabling the ability to retain and leverage top clinical talent.

Magnet Recognition Journey

At Every Level of the Organization

Step 1

Customizable scripts help assess implementation metrics, as well as success drivers such as care coordination and interdisciplinary collaboration

Step 2

In-Depth Analytics provide a simple way to view results and track multiple sources of evidence

Step 3

Staff rounding initiatives drive towards enhanced collaboration and inclusion in decision-making processes, a clear objective for Magnet recognition



Decrease in falls per 1,000 patient stays over three months at a 183-bed facility


Increase in ability to track and trend patient information at a 877-bed facility


Decrease in instances of CAUTI/CLABSI over three months at an 532-bed facility

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