Care Management

Create and coordinate care teams across various disciplines and organizations and strategically assign tasks to each of the different resources. Identify patients, manage care plans, set goals, and track intervention activity at the patient and population levels in one centralized solution.

Easy Task Management

Strategically assign tasks to different resources within your team and drive workflow improvements.

Patient Identification

User-friendly interface allows easy identification and rules-based or manual enrollment of patients into care plans.

Customized Care Plans

View offers clinically-validated and fully customizable care plans, designed to support decision-making.

Team Collaboration

The centralized platform allows effective staff communication and provides visibility into the team's work.

Integrated Engagement

Use tailored outreach programs and educational reminders via phone, text, and email to effectively engage all your patients.

Built-in Reporting

In-depth reports meet regulatory requirements while real-time reports address workflow needs.


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