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How Inova chooses the right patient engagement technology

What Makes A High Value Patient Engagement Technology?

Heather Hunn, RN, MSN: It all goes back to our mandate which is it needs to be highly reliable, it needs to be person-centered, it needs to have a high value, and value can mean dollars but it can also mean time of our staff, it can also mean value for the patient. Is this something they’re willing to put the time into to try to get for themselves or for their health?

Removing Friction from the Patient Experience

Heather Hunn, RN, MSN: And it has to be seamless. I know that all of us have talked about that friction point and what are those nudges we need to do for our patients to help drive better healthcare outcomes? And what is that line in the sand where we’re annoying them to death with alerts and reminders and conflicting information?