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Gain a Competitive Edge With Your Patient Engagement Platform

CipherHealth CEO Jake Pyles lays out three ways using a patient engagement platform gives you a competitive edge: keeping patients engaged at all times in the network, relieving administrative burden, and engaging patients’ families and caregivers. Watch now.

Patient Engagement as a Platform

CEO Jake Pyles: “One, by using us in a platform that way, you’re keeping the patient engaged at all times during the healthcare journey, and in many ways you’re keeping them engaged in the network. Which, a lot of healthcare systems are worried about network leakage.

I think the second area that I would highlight is the ability to automate administrative tasks, appointment reminders, pre-arrival instructions, post-discharge outreach, it takes a lot of the administrative burden off the backs of your nursing population.

Another area is using a platform to engage more than just the patient, how do you engage other stakeholders in the care journey? To family, to care-givers, when appointments are occurring, what needs to happen pre-appointment, what needs to be done to keep the patient from being readmitted, all that information being shared with more than just the patient, by having them engaged it increases the likelihood we keep that patient engaged and out of the hospital and improves the healthcare outcome for the patient.”