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Drive Service Excellence With Voice of the Patient Surveying

Learn how Debbie Young, Dr. Arevalo and their team at Sutter Independent Physicians drove marked improvements in service excellence through a data-driven approach to voice-of-patient surveying using CipherKiosk.

Why CipherHealth?


Partner Vision

  • Provide members with a surveying and reporting solution that enhances quality initiatives and differentiates participation and provider benefits from competitors
  • Innovate new, patient-centric survey modalities and workflows
  • Cultivate excellent, high-quality care among independent practices to become viable provider options for patients in the community

Goals and Process Measures

  • Increase patient survey volume with new modalities
  • Expand provider engagement in SIP’s performance improvement initiatives(remove participation barriers)
  • Improve provider performance on patient satisfaction ratings

CipherHealth Removed Barriers to Participate and Increased Patient Surveying

  • Point-of-service data collection with CipherKiosk reduced barriers for both physicians and APCs to participate in performance initiatives and drove improvement at all levels of the practice. Previously, only physicians could participate – surveying was limited to a small subset of their patient volume. Total providers surveying overall increased 22%.
  • Despite regular membership changes and slightly fewer physicians in the incentive program post-implementation, the average number of surveys per provider and Likelihood
  • To Recommend results nearly doubled for physicians.
  • Significant volume increase post-CipherKiosk, despite significant 4-month COVID-19 related decreases during the incentive period (March-June 2020).

Member Engagement in Patient Experience Initiatives Increased

  • Sutter added CipherKiosk patient survey participation to incentivize performance criteria for eligible providers.
  • Since the launch of CipherKiosk in late 2018, the percent of all providers awarded for participating in and meeting performance goals increased 27% in a year.
    The largest engagement increase was among PCPs, a smaller membership segment. This group’s performance awards increased 34% in a year.

Regular Review of Actionable Data is Key to Success

  • Based on survey results, patients felt that specialist providers could improve time spent educating patients on wellness compared to other providers.
  • During the COVID-19 pandemic, ease of use of telehealth was a bigger pain point for patients than quality of the video or call.
  • On-time appointments are consistently a top pain point across all provider types for in-person visits, but not a top issue for telehealth.