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Achieving Positive Outcomes With CipherHealth

In the video, see how CipherHealth’s appointment reminder programs create a seamless experience for your patients with features designed to encourage engagement and reduce no-shows.

CipherHealth SMS Demo for Appointment Reminders

  • CipherHealth utilizes SMS Short Codes to ensure that carriers do not flag reminders as spam, especially for high-volume Appointment Reminder programs.
  • We work with your team to deploy programs for the most in-demand languages for your community, providing a patient-centered reminder experience.
  • CipherHealth can include relevant appointment information to relay to the patient that we receive in your data feed.
  • We are able to include the clinic phone number that is associated with the appointment, to ensure the patient knows where to reach the specific clinic in your system.
  • CipherHealth’s Appointment Reminder Programs can also include special instructions to ensure your patients come prepared.
  • Patients can quick-save appointment dates and times in their calendars.
  • Patients can easily click on the Maps link to locate the clinic and get directions.