Care Recordings

Securely record care information or post-vaccine education for patients and caregivers to access from home, thereby simplifying care transitions and reducing the risk of an adverse event.

Intuitive Interface

At the end of the patient’s stay or visit, clinicians easily record personalized care plan instructions.

Easy Access

Patients and caregivers have unlimited access to recordings through Voice follow-up calls, a patient portal, or a call-in number.

Real-time Reports

Real-time reports allow care teams to monitor patient recovery and comprehension to improve outcomes and experiences.

Executive Reports

Leaders receive customized and regular reports to track organization-wide trends and drive improvements.


Staff members can include pre-recorded segments for specific diseases or procedures, and can also record multiple types of messages.

Automatic Alerting

Automatic alerts are routed to the appropriate clinical team member if a patient replays the recording above a set threshold.


Decrease in issue rates with CipherHealth Recordings

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Case Study

See how UAB decreased avoidable readmissions with the use of CipherRounds and Care Recordings

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