Pre-Care Communications

Streamline patient communications 
to close care gaps

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Deliver critical information to patients where they are, reducing no-shows and increasing revenue.
Close care gaps

Deliver important health information and gain patient confidence by sending them the right message at the right time.

Reduce no-shows

Remind patients about upcoming appointments, facilitate text-based rescheduling with your EHR and retain revenue for your health system.

Expect Cost Certainty

Eliminate budgeting surprises through consistent, simplified pricing and work with a single-source solution provider to reduce IT management burden.

Report and Analyze

Identify areas for troubleshooting with visibility to undelivered messages, as well as monitor messaging activity by volume of messages sent and deliverability rates.

Improve communication with your patients, close care gaps and reduce no-show appointments
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Engage patients regarding essential care visits and get them the information they need