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Continuity of Care Communications

Capture new appointments and increase revenue for your health system
Screen Preventative Care Outreach
Send automated messages to your patient populations about preventive care, wellness visits and referrals.

Capture new appointments with ease

Increase monetary value for your healthcare organization through enhanced communication, leading to increased appointment adherence and patient volume.

Increase access
to care

Re-engage and support underserved patients in getting the care they need through reminders about annual wellness visits, preventive screenings, flu shots and more.

staff workflow

Ease your staff’s load and improve labor allocation and care coordination by automating manual processes to make contact with thousands of patients.

Improve patient

Augment compliance with check-ups and preventative screenings and maximize patient care to populations who need it most.

care gaps

Improve clinical outcomes by building awareness of essential appointments and services for all patients.

Build patient

Drive loyalty by offering your patients a better, more personalized experience through ease of scheduling, consistent communications, better coordinated care and an overall pleasant brand experience.

Engage more patients and help them get the medical care they need today

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Increase revenue, enhance care continuity, and improve appointment adherence