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Making a good first impression with patients is more important than ever before. To remain competitive, leading health systems are investing in a new patient engagement paradigm at all stages of the care journey, but especially in the “pre-care” stages, from initial contact to appointment check-in.

That’s why this year we built CipherConnect. Our conversational engagement solution helps large health systems remove friction from the pre-care experience, for patients and for clinical and administrative staff. We pair conversational context with your clinical data to unlock new opportunities to win new patients and engender deeper loyalty to your brand.

Join us on Thursday, December 1st at 12pm ET to learn more about CipherConnect and to discuss:

  • The challenge of meeting evolving patient expectations with limited resources
  • How to use technology to digitize pre-care workflows and save staff time
  • Examples of how to engage patients effectively before their visit to generate loyalty
  • Predictions on the future of pre-care experience in 2023 and beyond
  • How CipherConnect was built for large health systems, with security, reliability, and compliance in mind