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Randy Cheung

Executive Chairman & Co-Founder

“I’m at Cipher because we’re helping to make healthcare easier.”

Randy Cheung co-founded CipherHealth after working in health care and experiencing firsthand a fundamental gap that was holding the industry back from more patient-centric care: communication. He saw the need for caregivers to embrace technology the way their patients had and developed the idea for a SaaS communication platform that connected the two communities at critical points along the care continuum. Thus, CipherHealth was formed.  

After serving as Chief Executive Officer of the company, Randy moved into his current position as Executive Chairman of the Board. In this role, Randy directly oversees the performance of the current CEO and the Executive Leadership team and advises the Board on their performance toward specific goals. He is also engaged in working with the HR team to drive cultural initiatives and development of CipherHealth’s values.

Previously, Randy managed business development for MDLand International, a CCHIT-accredited electronic medical record (EMR) company located in New York City. He also consulted for Empath Consulting and was in sales at Abbott Laboratories. Randy received his B.A. from UC Berkeley and M.P.H. from Yale University.

Randy Cheung
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