Increase CAHPS Scores

Patient satisfaction has always been a qualitative benchmark for success. With the new emphasis on value-based payment models, CAHPS scores also play a critical role in hospital reimbursement and ratings. With CipherHealth’s CAHPS solution, drivers of patient satisfaction are easy to pinpoint and improve.

CipherHealth's Patient Satisfaction Solution

Digital Rounding

In-depth Analytics

Proactive Outreach

CipherHealth’s CAHPS solution ensures that a facility can holistically improve the quality of care provided. By using seamlessly integrated technology to create and enhance daily patient interactions, providers can understand the drivers of patient satisfaction and make lasting improvements.

For Patients

With multiple touchpoints to proactively address issues, patients have a better experience and positive perception of their provider.

For Providers

CipherHealth’s CAHPS solution helps providers efficiently resolve patient issues before, during, and after their visits. This means improved satisfaction scores and higher reimbursements and ratings for the organization.

Patient Journey

From Pre-Arrival to Recovery

Step 1

During a patient’s stay, nurse leaders round on the patient to resolve any issues.

Step 2

The patient receives proactive outreach post-encounter to address any lasting concerns and answer any questions.

Step 3

In-depth reports sent to providers help analyze root causes of patient dissatisfaction to drive long term improvement.



Increase in staff responsiveness at a 269-bed suburban hospital


Greater than the national average HCAHPS gains for hospitals using automated follow-up calls


Increase in the number of CAHPS surveys returned after 10 months

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