Improve Staff Satisfaction

Staff burnout is an increasingly pressing concern for many healthcare organizations. It is important for leaders to consider technologies that improve their staff’s workflows, as well as the patient experience. CipherHealth’s solutions help ensure that staff members have user-friendly and workflow-enhancing ways to deliver more efficient patient care.

CipherHealth’s Staff Satisfaction Improvement Solutions

Care Coordination

Automated Follow Ups

Digital Staff Rounding

Using CipherHealth’s intuitive and integrated technology to help with rounding, patient outreach, and care management, nurses are able to spend more time providing care and less time entering and deciphering data.

For Staff

Nurses and other staff members are most engaged and feel most valued when they spend more time with their patients and can address their pressing needs.

For Leaders

Driving higher levels of employee engagement results in greater levels of patient satisfaction and staff retention, creating significant saving for the organization.

Staff Member Journey

Across Your Organization

Step 1

Staff members feel engaged and valued when their leaders proactively seek out their feedback to drive improvements

Step 2

Having access to an effective care coordination platform means easier communications and tasks management, as well as improved accountability and visibility

Step 3

Simplifying the task and reducing the time it takes to round and perform follow-up calls plays an important role in decreasing the time nurses spend on the phone or entering data into a computer



Increase in overall nurse satisfaction at a Sentara Healthcare


Increase in nurses’ ability to disseminate information when using CipherHealth's digital solutions

30 min.

On average nurse leaders saved 30 minutes per day by leveraging digital rounding for patient rounds

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