CipherConnect™ Healthcare Chatbot

Keep your patients coming back – over and over again

What if you could give your patients a frictionless conversational pre-care experience and automate robotic tasks to save healthcare staff time and interconnect conversational chatbot data with clinical information from your EHR?

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Meet the new conversational engagement solution that transforms how the healthcare industry delivers personalized patient care. CipherConnect automates manual appointment scheduling, intake and administrative tasks for better outcomes – for patients and clinicians.

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Jennifer Jones indicates that she is allergic to a generic medication in her intake forms, so her post-visit follow-up instructions automatically ensure she gets the brand name version.

CipherConnect streamlines the pre-care process for patients – but it doesn’t stop there. The dynamic conversational data captured by the CipherConnect chatbot tool can be used later in the patient care journey, from point-of-care to post-care through preventative care. Learn about the unique ways you can make your patients feel special every time they access care with a medical chatbot.

CH Video Optimize Patient Intake
Stop asking patients to reintroduce themselves
Watch Video
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Confirmation Message

Share instant booking details for newly scheduled appointments such as appointment time, healthcare provider name, and location.

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Prompt patients to confirm, cancel, or reschedule their upcoming appointments.

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Pre-care &
Procedure Prep

Inform patients on the next steps for arrival, such as safety instructions, remote registration, and check-in.

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Collect HIPAA-compliant data for consent forms, screeners, and other paperwork. Upload images of insurance cards and identification plus records from a previous provider.
Deliver a genuinely personalized patient experience

CipherHealth’s vision for the future of patient engagement tightly aligns with ours: Patients should feel known and welcomed from the very first patient communication they have with us, and that experience should be carried through every time, every touch – to each person in every community we have the privilege to serve.”

Shawn R. Smith, MBA, CPXP
Assistant Vice President: Clinical Enterprise and Patient Experience
INOVA Health System
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CipherConnect surfaces smart insights so patients get the care they expect and healthcare organizations can achieve sustainable success – cutting healthcare organization costs, augmenting workforces, and generating new business.

Reduce no-shows, backfill open slots and keep provider schedules full with appointment reminders – and save money by automating manual healthcare service tasks so staff can use their time more productively.

Integrate with EHRs and other healthcare industry scheduling systems to automate routine tasks to scale patient communication.

Ensure patients stay on track with follow-up or preventative appointments with consistent chatbot outreach, and bring back hard-to-reach or unengaged patient populations.

Capture contextual information about patients and their current care situation that can be applied downstream with other providers.

Offer a faster, easier consumer-like experience patients have come to expect, and keep them loyal with intuitive interactions that have their care needs and preferences accounted for.

Boost Patient Satisfaction

Reduced Patient Wait

Replace 18+ min of in-person data collection per encounter (22K hrs saved per year, driving 90%+ patient satisfaction)

* Expected value generated per 100k ambulatory encounters

Eliminate Staff Overhead

Staff Hours Saved

Automate 80% of pre-visit admin tasks to save staff up to 20 minutes per visit – top-cited to reverse staff dissatisfaction.

* Expected value generated per 100k ambulatory encounters

Recapture Revenue

Revenue Recovered

Patients who were reached by any healthcare chatbots Appointment Reminder text notification were 19% less likely to no-show compared to those that did not answer any message or phone call.

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Provide the digital, consumer-like experience patients expect and free up your resources