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The future of healthcare is personal

A New Era of
Patient-Centered Communications

Patient engagement has reached an inflection point. Patients expect more from healthcare professionals: more personalization, more self-service access, more insight into their own care journeys. They want to be empowered owners of their health.

New Era Of Patient Centered Communications

Traditional patient engagement no longer cuts it. The next era of healthcare demands Patient-Centered Communications.

How is CipherHealth addressing this critical inflection point?
Through charting the path to patient-centered communications

What is Patient-Centered

What Is Patient Centered Communications
  1. Personalized interactions tailored to each individual patient
  2. Omnichannel self-service that puts patients in control
  3. Data- and AI-driven insights that enable patient care teams at the point of care and beyond
  4. Seamless connectivity among teams, departments, systems, and touchpoint

Patient-Centered Communications provide actionable information to patients and healthcare providers, compound efficacy through data orchestration and connected solutions, and use intuitive self-service capabilities to put power into the hands of patients.

What is Patient-Centered Communications?

The Value of Personal, Intelligent, and Timely Care

Value Of Personal Timely Care
  1. Better patient outcomes through connected conversations: Informed patients make healthier decisions, adhere to care plans, and feel connected to their care teams
  2. Satisfied patients that stay in network: In a consumer-driven ecosystem, patients that can access care on their terms are most likely to stay with their providers long term
  3. Revenue improvements among shifting reimbursements: There is a direct throughline from Patient-Centered Communications to value-based care. At the same time, proactive and seamless communications reduce no-shows and readmission rates
  4. Frontline caregivers that are empowered and satisfied: Amid a massive healthcare labor gap, workflow automation and AI enablement allows caregivers to focus on patient care

A New Model for Healthcare Communications Across the Continuum

Patients as partners, not passengers: Revolutionize your patient communications at all points with AI-driven insights and self-service to improve both patient satisfaction and health outcomes.
A New Model for Healthcare Communications Across the Continuum
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Close care gaps and give patients the ability to access care on their terms tailored to their preferences

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Reduce no-shows and increase care team efficiency using personalized, automated communications to help patients prepare before a visit
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Elevate care experiences while keeping the integrity of personal connections through adaptive, dynamic rounding scripts and self-serviceability
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Connect with patients after discharge to support their successful recovery and reduce avoidable readmissions

Patient-Centric. Care-team Connected. Future Ready.  Embrace the next era of patient-provider collaboration.