Care Transition Management

As patients transition from the care of providers within a facility, medications and care instructions need to be closely monitored to reduce readmissions and improve patient satisfaction scores.

CipherHealth's Care Transition Solution

Post-Discharge Follow-Up

Recorded Care Instructions

Care Management

The transition from care provider to home can be a time of confusion and frustration for patients and their providers. However, with CipherHealth’s Care Transitions Solution, it’s easy to determine individual patient needs alongside population trends for increased outcome improvement.

For Patients

With effective care management, proactive follow up, and recorded care instructions, patients benefit from meaningful touch points and experience a better care transition.

For Providers

Create a seamless transition without the loss of efficiency or pertinent patient data. Real-time analytics and automated follow up fosters improved patient outcomes without the manual data entry.

Patient Journey

From Discharge to Recovery

Step 1

Prior to discharge, staff members record personalized care instructions for patients to access once they leave the facility.

Step 2

Patients then receive and answer timely follow-up calls and texts while providers monitor responses to address any concerns.

Step 3

Patients access their personalized recordings to ensure they understand and comply with care instructions.



Decrease in questions about medications from patients at Lutheran Medical Center, a 359-bed urban hospital


Reduction in readmissions at a 229-bed academic hospital


Post-discharge patient engagement rate at a suburban GI practice

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