Technology Solutions for Hospitals Don’t Need to Be Complicated

Healthcare is an industry marked by innovation, technological breakthroughs, and out of the box thinking. It is also known for complicated solutions, slow growth, and frustration. Anyone who has been to a hospital knows that any appointment is met with long waits, inefficient communication, and difficulty in getting straight answers.

So how is it that an industry known for innovation also be known for being behind the technology curve? It is because much of the technology is so complicated and difficult to implement hospitals and care providers are hesitant to open their mind to new ways of doing things.

For instance, even if a hospital knows that there is a problem they may already believe that a solution would be ineffective, hard to implement, and an even bigger headache than their EHR implementation. Care providers are also wary of trying new technology that may not work the way they need it to, and could possibly be too hard to adopt.

Technology in a hospital does not need to be complicated to implement or difficult to use. It can and should be something that enhances workflow and supports hospital goals. It should be something that staff members can easily use and does not detract from the patient experience. It should be something that works, is easy to use, and something that care providers should rely upon.

At CipherHealth, we believe that technology should be all that is mentioned above and more. It should take only a couple of weeks, not months or quarters, to get a technology solution implemented. Training for a new solution should take minutes not hours to teach, and finally, it should be something that does not just help in the present, but helps to prepare for the future.

Our team not only works to make sure that our solutions work, but that they work for our clients. This means creating technology that is intuitive, easy to use, and is customizable to meet any need. Our clients know that our answer is “yes, we can” and we look to them to help us improve our products. We believe that care providers should be able to focus on getting patients better and that the technology we provide them helps to provide the most opportunity to do so.

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CipherHealth empowers providers across the care continuum to deliver enhanced patient experiences and communications through a modular, comprehensive patient engagement technology platform.