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Staff Well-Being Solutions

A nurse sitting down wearing a medica face mask

Listen, Learn, and Act: Support Your Frontline Staff

These three important steps can make all the difference to an overwhelmed staff in need of support. Healthcare providers and extended teams are playing a critical role at this historic time, making significant sacrifices to care for others. We can help you manage their well-being by providing comprehensive tools to have purposeful conversations with team members, collect real-time data, and identify actionable ways to support them.

CipherHealth’s Staff Well-Being solutions foster meaningful communications among care providers, support staff, and hospital leaders. We offer a streamlined way to connect with every team member so you can monitor and address well-being, identify safety and compliance concerns, provide motivation and recognition, and attract and retain the best talent. By implementing intuitive, data-driven staff rounding solutions, your frontline workers will be more engaged and have higher job satisfaction knowing that their concerns are being heard and acted upon.



Demonstrate Your Commitment to Clinicians

• Capture real-time data that allows for rapid intervention
• Improve engagement and job satisfaction, connecting staff to employee resources
• Recognize and encourage team members for their extraordinary work

Quickly Operationalize Your Staff’s Feedback

• Streamline workflows through automation
• Take action to improve processes through data-driven insights
• Increase productivity so clinicians can focus on patient care

Drive Lasting Quality & Safety Enhancements

• Proactively manage quality and safety protocols to minimize adverse outcomes
• Operationalize compliance and safety checks among staff, patients, and the environment of care
• Deploy skills assessments to identify areas for additional training

Staff Retention ROI

• Reduce costs due to turnover through a comprehensive staff retention program
• Recruit and retain the best talent in a competitive environment

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