Spotlight On: Hand Hygiene Audits


What is it?

Hand hygiene is a simple and effective solution to reduce both the spread of infection and multiresistant germs, and to protect patients from healthcare-associated infections (HCAIs). By evaluating staff’s adherence to hand washing procedures, hand hygiene audits help drive improvements and create a culture centered on patient safety.

How to do it?

The WHO Multimodal hand hygiene improvement strategy consists of five key components that should be integrated together for successful implementation, including:

  1. System Change:  Ensuring that the necessary infrastructure is in place to allow care team members to practice hand hygiene
  2. Training and Education:  Providing regular training on the importance of hand hygiene
  3. Evaluation and Feedback:  Monitoring hand hygiene practices and infrastructure and providing staff with feedback based on performance and results
  4. Reminders in the Workplace:  Reminding staff about the importance of hand hygiene and about the appropriate procedures for performing it
  5. Institutional Safety Climate: Creating an environment that facilitates awareness about patient safety issues and prioritizes hand hygiene improvement across the organization

Why do it?

Each year, hundreds of millions of patients around the world are affected by HCAIs. The majority of infections are preventable through good hand hygiene – cleaning hands at the right times and in the right way.

Learn More:

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