Saint Michael’s Medical Center Showcases the Value of Executive Rounding

The process of rounding on patients to proactively resolve their issues has become more popular among senior healthcare leaders. Executive rounding on patients, the process in which senior leaders directly ask patients questions about their care and experiences, has become a valuable component for patients and staff members alike. By asking patients questions about their care, executives hear first-hand what types of things are working well and what might need improvement.

In a recent article, Saint Michael’s Medical Center’s CFO, Marcello Guarneri, highlights how his role directly impacts patient care through the process of executive rounding. Guarneri shares his experiences on rounds and how rounds help him understand patient perceptions. “Rounding gives me a completely different perspective on my job and how I can contribute toward meeting the needs of our patients,” said Guarneri.

To ensure executive’s time is well spent, the hospital utilizes CipherHealth’s digital rounding solution, Orchid. With Orchid, pre-loaded patient information, standardized scripts, and automated alerts mean that executives on rounds can focus on creating a meaningful interaction, armed with the knowledge that any issues will be resolved quickly.

At Saint Michael’s, the leaders are seeing incredible results from their efforts. By proactively resolving patient issues, they are able to meet patient expectations and showcase that they are listening and acting upon patient feedback.

To learn more about Orchid, read our whitepaper on how Orchid can help drive patient satisfaction and staff engagement by creating a culture of rounding.

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