[Webinar] Patients are Not a Box to Check: Round with Purpose to Deliver Meaningful Patient Engagement Outcomes

Round with Purpose to Deliver Meaningful Patient Engagement Outcomes

Rounding is a foundational process that most hospitals already have in place, but many leaders struggle to achieve its full promise of improving patient outcomes and experiences. The challenge lies in adopting purposeful rounding workflows to achieve and sustain results.

By taking the time to identify and resolve concerns during rounds, rounders build patient trust and secure better outcomes. In contrast, when rounding is rushed and not personalized to the patient, this can actually do more damage than not rounding at all.

To learn the key components that every purposeful round should have, join our upcoming master class on Wednesday, February 26th taught by Lisa Romano, CipherHealth’s CNO. During the educational webinar, Lisa will discuss the key principles of purposeful rounding, bust common rounding myths, and share six workflow best practices for how to make rounds purposeful to deliver meaningful patient engagement outcomes.

Key Takeaways

  • Learn why common rounding practices aren’t effective – and specific steps hospitals are taking to achieve and sustain results
  • Explore why rounding has the greatest impact when patient outcomes are both identified and resolved
  • Uncover data-driven strategies to help rounders secure better outcomes, such as an average increase of 12% across HCAHPS domains and 37% reduction in total harm rates

Click here to register for the educational webinar on Wednesday, February 26th.


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