Patient Surveys Help Increase Patient Satisfaction with Physicians

As with other provider-types across the care continuum, patient satisfaction is becoming an increasingly important KPI for physician groups and practices. With revenue tied to CG CAHPS scores and the patient volume driven by online reviews, practicing physicians will need to develop strategies that help improve patient satisfaction.

A recent Medscape article highlighted research that uncovers the “secret” to patient satisfaction. As the research indicates, patient satisfaction is directly correlated to empathetic communication between doctors and patients. To understand where improvement areas lie in terms of how a practice and its physicians communicate with patients, one of the best ways to gather information is by asking patients to fill out surveys privately.

According to Dr. Azzam, an assistant professor of orthopedic surgery at Indiana University School of Medicine these private surveys allow patients to give useful comments, gauge the quality of a procedure, and make fine adjustments to the way a physician practices.

With tools such as Orchid Kiosk, it is easy to survey patients post-visit either with in-office tablets and stands or by texting them once they leave the office. You can also utilize Kiosk to survey patients at regular intervals post-visit to gather further information both on practice management and patient reported outcomes.

To learn more about strategies that can help your practice increase patient satisfaction scores, listen to our recent webinar hosted by our VP of Ambulatory Services, Caroline LeCates on our upcoming webinar.

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