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The high volume of data circulating through health systems can be overwhelming to track, manage and synthesize. This process is fraught with challenges, requiring manual exports that bog down system performance, capturing data that is already outdated before it reaches its destination, and transferring reports across systems which introduces the risk of interception even when using secure transport methods. In order to make timely, informed decisions for patients and the health system, leaders need an efficient, flexible, and secure way to connect data from multiple sources to their data warehouse or business intelligence solutions.

CipherHealth addresses these needs by using secure data sharing through the Snowflake® Data Warehouse to connect patient engagement datasets to the health system’s internal data storage. Our cloud-based solution puts you in control of your analytics, making data accessible whenever you need it. Automated data sharing also saves staff time from manual process management and reduces ongoing maintenance.

CipherHealth’s Secure Data Sharing solution delivers:

Timely access to data:
Get data when you need it, according to your preferred schedule without the need for slow, manual exports

Flexible workflows: Broad access to datasets can be modified to enable creation of custom metrics that align with your health system’s goals to measure progress

Multiple data sharing models: Accommodate direct-share or reader access to data warehouse and visualization applications even if your health system doesn’t have a Snowflake account

Industry-leading security: Data is protected using strict encryption and user authentication standards to safeguard it against unauthorized access.

Key Benefits:

Data Availability:
Centralized storage means that data can be shared on an automated schedule that you set, without running lengthy, time-consuming exports that require staff to monitor and are subject to timeouts

Convenient, Self-Managed Analysis: Define datasets that track with your organizational goals, and modify reports with ease to create custom dashboards

Unified Data Views: Connect data from multiple Snowflake instances to build holistic views of operational and clinical data, capturing insights with confidence

Reliability and Scalability: Leverage the cloud to pull large volumes of data without experiencing performance delays or being limited by the query size

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