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Enable Your Staff to Better Manage Different Types of Hospital Locations

A team of nurses and doctors viewing health data on a tablet

Rounding to improve both staff and patient engagement is at the forefront of the minds of healthcare leaders. Whether it’s to easily capture data, route concerns to different departments, or generate reports that identify trends, health systems are implementing digital tools to help standardize rounds and implement best practices. With CipherHealth’s Location Rounding, this commitment to quality and safety extends to the facility itself.

Using our digital rounding solution, health systems can do more with less by optimizing operations and driving down costs. Digital tools lessen the workload while ensuring the facility is safe and prepared for any inspection or accreditation. Hospital staff gain the ability to formalize checks on patient rooms, hallways, waiting rooms, restrooms, entrance areas and equipment stock. The resulting data and visibility to reports allow health systems to identify the source of the problems, driving long-term improvement.

CipherHealth’s Location Rounding facilitates:

Environment of Care Reviews

  • Prioritize patient and staff safety through physical location review, chart review and other checks

Regulatory and Compliance Audits

  • Use configurable scripts to address Joint Commission preparedness, DOH prep, pharmacy audits and more

Disaster Response

  • Be ready during a crisis by planning ahead with proactive capacity planning, bed management and EVS audits

Key Benefits:

Modernized Staff Workflow

  • Use standardized scripts to ensure all areas of the hospital and essential equipment have been checked

Enhanced Safety

  • Make sure your facilities are set up to provide safe and quality care through regulatory and environmental checks

Emergency Preparedness

  • Ensure infection prevention through consistent audits of PPE policies, surge capacity and overflow areas


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