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4 Challenges Facing Pre-care Today and How to Solve Them

4 Pre Care Challenges

More and more, patients can shop for the best possible care anywhere. And the new reality is that the patient care journey is increasingly digital. Convenient, intuitive experiences not only lead to increased patient satisfaction scores but, more importantly, better patient outcomes, engagement and loyalty. But without digital, scalable strategies in place, many healthcare systems are not transforming the patient/consumer experience, cutting costs where they could or readying themselves for increased competition in the healthcare marketplace. 

Challenges of Implementing Digital Pre-care Solutions

In this infographic, CipherHealth illustrates the challenges and strategic imperative of implementing digital pre-care solutions to reduce no-shows, automate previously manual processes and capture key patient data even before they set foot inside a health facility. Having these insights sooner in the journey helps reduce friction, save time and deliver a more satisfying experience for both patients and providers.

4 Challenges Facing Pre-care Today



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