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Connected Communications — from Portal to Patient

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Patients who are informed and actively engaged with their healthcare providers are empowered to make more informed decisions about their care, often leading to improved outcomes. Most health systems that rely on their EHRs to communicate with their patients recognize the need for additional, complementary solutions that reliably deliver their messages to the right person at the right time. Even small gaps in communication can result in tens of thousands of patients missing critical updates.

For over a decade, CipherHealth has been providing communications solutions that help healthcare systems create personalized, flexible, and actionable programs to engage patients during each stage of their healthcare journey. CipherHealth’s EHR Activation Gateway solution closes communication gaps and streamlines technology investments while providing a more cohesive view of your patients.


CipherHealth maximizes patient engagement to provide:


All-around view of your patients

Capture engagement data across many settings, creating a more complete view of the patient when layered with clinical data, enabling clinicians to make more informed decisions.

Traffic control for patient communications

Integration with Epic® helps you manage and funnel data from multiple sources with communications that follow your patients, while making it easier for you to access within your cloud-based data warehouse.

Communication management across the patient journey

Our always-on communication engine provides a more comprehensive view with meaningful patient insights than an EHR alone can provide. Our industry-leading offering reaches patients during pre-, in-, and post-care stages, both inside and outside the hospital walls, driving their engagement across the healthcare journey.

Key Benefits

Improve the Quality of Healthcare Communications

• Communicate reliably with patients to close care gaps by delivering important health information
• Gain patient confidence through timely and relevant messages
• Drive portal activations, encouraging patients to use the tool as a routine part of their healthcare management

Reach Patients at Scale

• Flexible, multi-purpose solutions grow with you as your patient communications needs evolve
• Manage large volumes of data without straining your IT resources
• Achieve meaningful improvements in patient care and clinical outcomes

Expect Cost Certainty

• Eliminate budgeting surprises through consistent, simplified pricing
• Work with a single-source solution provider to reduce IT management burden
• Future-proof your investment with our solution that was expressly built for patient communications

Report and Analyze

• Identify areas for troubleshooting with visibility to undelivered messages
• Monitor messaging activity by volume of messages sent and deliverability rates
• Filter reports by customized criteria to highlight trends over time

Get started today. Contact CipherHealth and speak to us about your patient communications needs.


Meaningfully connect with your patients to deliver more personalized, intelligent and timely care at scale