CipherHealth In the News on COVID-19

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In addition to her round-the-clock conversations with hospital and healthcare professionals, and monitoring the latest news on COVID-19, CipherHealth’s Chief Nursing Officer, Lisa Romano, MSN, RN, has found some time to talk with the media about how hospitals are responding to the new coronavirus outbreak. See CipherHealth’s latest news coverage below. 

Bloomberg Radio

Listen to Lisa’s interview about working with hospitals to control the spread of COVID-19 for Bloomberg Business Week. (Starting at minute 6:50).

Bloomberg Radio on COVID-19

“Covid-19 continues to progress rapidly, seeing an increasing number of cases and we know that there are steps to take to protect yourself, but at the end of the day it is essential that we perform screening before anyone comes in the hospital before any procedure or any visit. We need to keep the healthcare providers safe so we have people to take care of those that are sick…Our program uses telephone technology that allows the person who has been called to actually interact via the phone or by text message using prompts and we can do the symptom checker asking those questions, and if they do answer a question in a way that it triggers a positive symptom screening and it is escalated to a live person. So it is essentially triaging patients…”

Slate Magazine

Read Lisa’s comments on how hospitals are dealing with surge capacity and the COVID-19 outbreak.

Slate article on COVID-19

“The biggest concern for hospitals right now is what they call surge capacity, and being able to meet the demand for care in the coming weeks,” says Lisa Romano, the chief nursing officer with CipherHealth, a company that makes software to help hospitals manage patient flow and care. “That surge capacity is not just a physical bed, or location in the hospital—it’s the health care resource of staffing and equipment.”

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