CipherHealth In the News: Communication in crisis – How organizations are innovating to serve their communities digitally

COVID-19 response for organizations

CipherHealth partner Twilio published a story about how organizations on the front lines are optimizing for agility, accessibility, and scale to serve our communities during the COVID-19 crisis. Cipher Health Chief Nursing Officer Lisa Romano, RN, MSN, offered these insights:


Scale communications systems to handle increased demand

The number of calls city governments, healthcare providers, and crisis services are fielding is going through the roof. As a result, organizations are moving to new cloud-based systems built for scale, automation, and work from home environments.

“It is an unprecedented time in healthcare as we face caring for increasing numbers of patients affected by the virus with limited capacity. Our vital healthcare resources are constrained in ways never seen before,” said Lisa Romano, MSN, RN, Chief Nursing Officer at CipherHealth, a patient communication platform.

To manage this increased demand, organizations are conserving limited staff resources for the most difficult cases by offering self-service options for patients and constituents to get answers to common questions.

For questions that can’t be answered with automation, organizations are building systems to route the most urgent and unique cases to doctors, counselors, and trained city staff, ensuring callers are responded to quickly. Many are adopting video conferencing to escalate these difficult cases.

Organizations like CipherHealth are deploying intelligent voice response systems to help answer common inquiries and identify symptoms before a provider joins a call.

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