3 Postpartum Concerns for New Moms

A 2014 study entitled “Views of Women and Clinicians on Postpartum Preparation and Recovery,” discusses concerns that many women face postpartum. The study concludes that women feel rather unprepared for the postpartum period. Three of the main concerns are discussed below.

Lack of Continuity of Care

Women have close relationships with their doctors before giving birth, but a lot of times this relationship dwindles postpartum. For new mothers, this is very unsettling because they have established a level of trust with their delivering doctors—trust that is not easily built. This creates a problem because many mothers do not feel comfortable voicing their concerns to someone they do not trust, which ultimately leaves many feeling uneasy and can possibly lead to safety and health risks.

Lack of Knowledge Surrounding Postpartum Health

The study found that many women were not prepared for the physical and emotional symptoms that they faced postpartum. A new mother’s main concerns should be taking care of her newborn child, not wondering how to manage symptoms that could be easily addressed with proper education and follow up from providers.

Absence of Maternal Care

Many mothers felt that the time period before the first postpartum visit was too long. Since mothers have such regular contact with providers during their pregnancy, waiting six weeks before a visit seems to be too long for most. This issue is usually in addition to others that lead to further distrust and levels of anxiety.

Many of the issues that women face postpartum can be solved by simply following up with new moms with a post-discharge call. These calls would reinforce the continuity of care, help mothers feel more in control of their physical and emotional states, and make the time between visits seem shorter. Click here to learn more about how CipherHealth’s post-discharge calling platform, Voice, can help you reach out to new moms.

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