Patient Safety

Patient safety is critical to improving patient outcomes and experiences. With an increased focus on improving patient satisfaction scores, reducing readmissions, and lowering length of stay, providers across the continuum must work together to improve patient safety and decrease preventable adverse events.

CipherHealth's Patient Safety Solution

Proactive Patient Outreach

Environment of Care Rounds

Digital Rounding

CipherHealth’s patient safety solution helps providers deliver high quality engagement during a patient’s visit. Seamlessly integrated technology is customized to your organization’s needs and workflows in order to maximize communication and decrease patient safety risks.

For Patients

With providers proactively addressing safety risks , patients are less likely to experience a preventable adverse event such as a fall, infection, or avoidable readmission.

For Providers

With safety-specific rounding and timely follow-up ensure that your team is equipped to keep patients safe, recover quickly, and remain satisfied with their care.

Patient Journey

From Arrival Through Recovery

Step 1

During the a patient’s stay, nurses utilize patient safety and environment of care rounds to identify potential patient safety risks such as a missing arm band, slip mat, or infectious catheter.

Step 2

Automated alerts and escalations notify designated staff members to possible safety issues for prompt resolution during the patient’s stay.

Step 3

Post-visit, the patient receives and answers a personalized follow-up call or text. If the response triggers a concern, an alert is immediately routed to the appropriate caregiver for follow up.



Decrease in patient falls at a 183-bed urban hospital


CAUTI reduction at St. Joseph’s medical center


Decrease in Ortho BPCI readmissions rate at a 390-bed hospital

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