The Importance of Employee Engagement Rounding


The quality of an organization’s care services and resulting patient satisfaction are largely influenced by the wellbeing of its staff members. When employees harbor concerns that keep them from performing at their best potential, the entire organization suffers. For this reason, it is critical that hospital leaders proactively connect with staff, addressing their issues and listening to any suggestions for improvement. Below, we elaborate on three primary benefits that employee engagement rounds provide.

Improved Communication

Employee engagement rounding fosters a culture based on open communication. Increased transparency into staff wellbeing allows management to make the necessary changes to enhance workflow. Employee engagement also encourages greater communication between staff, promoting coordination among each care team.

Instill a Sense of Value Among Staff

When employees sense appreciation and respect from colleagues, especially from executives, they feel greater confidence to successfully resolve even the most challenging patient issues. A feeling of value also increases levels of staff satisfaction, translating into employee retention and loyalty.

Build a Productive Culture

Employee engagement rounds are an opportunity for leaders to articulate the overall organizational goals to employees. When staff members feel “in the know” about objectives, and have a better understanding of how their work contributes to these goals, they are more driven to work at their highest potentials.

High-quality care and patient satisfaction are only possible with an empowered staff on the front lines. For more information on employee engagement strategies or a demo of our digital rouding tool, contact us today.

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