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Build a Stronger Culture Through Staff Recognition

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As CipherHealth continues to invest in integrations between its digital tools and different systems, platforms and apps, we are zeroing in on employee recognition systems. Meaningful recognition can be a powerful tool to motivate staff, improve their wellbeing and address retention rates. In one national study of critical care nurses, meaningful recognition was a significant predictor of decreased burnout and increased compassion satisfaction.  

Healthcare staff work tirelessly in high-pressure environments and are at risk for psychological disorders. Compassion fatigue affects not only the nurse in terms of job satisfaction and emotional and physical health, but also the workplace environment by decreasing productivity and increasing turnover. 

Indeed, healthcare systems are paying a high price for staff turnover. The average hospital lost $7.1 million in 2021 to higher turnover rates. Increasingly, providers are investing in employee recognition systems to provide their staff with meaningful and measurable acknowledgement for their contributions. 

Appreciation is essential to employees across sectors. It lets staff members know the people they work with on a daily basis are grateful for their hard work and efforts. Employee recognition systems can specifically help individuals feel valued and seen. In turn, they can also positively impact an organization’s overall culture through improved morale, productivity and teamwork. 

With Cipher’s rounding tool, CipherRounds, staff members can be recognized by patients and peers via a Caregram — a note of appreciation. With our expanded integration capabilities, information contained within the Caregram can be automatically fed into an employee recognition system, such as Kudos or OC Tanner, that allows for more robust features, such as a recognition card, ticket or award. 

This is important because appreciation is most effective when it’s delivered in a personal and timely manner. Often recognition may get lost in the shuffle, never making its way to care teams. With CipherHealth’s expanded interoperability capabilities, providers can support staff recognition efforts through: 

  • Real-time recognition: Reduce the time it takes for staff to receive praise, recognition or compensation (such as prepaid gift cards) by ensuring data collected during rounding populates in the employee recognition system of choice in real-time.
  • Ease of use: Share Cipher’s Caregrams and badges earned directly from a round when the data automatically routes to another vendor’s platform without the need for duplicative administrative work. 
  • Increased visibility: Track superstar rounders and high performers via Caregrams and badges and get them the team-wide visibility and public recognition they deserve, which can boost morale.

The overall engagement, commitment and wellbeing of your staff stands to be improved through the simple act of saying thank you. With Cipher’s workflow capabilities, make sure you celebrate your staff via Caregrams or any employee recognition system of your choosing. 



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