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From Our Team to Yours: Thank You Nurses and Healthcare Workers

From Our Team to Yours: Thank You

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world. Many of us are grieving — grieving the loss of loved ones, of our livelihoods, of connection and normalcy and safety.

As nurses, you also feel this grief on a very human level. You grieve the loss of your patients and colleagues and loved ones to this virus. But you have met and continue to meet these defining moments – the moments that measure our character, the memories we hold closest in the decades to come – with a deep reservoir of courage and resilience.

We recognize that yours is a conscious sacrifice. You are all too aware of the risk, yet you have chosen selflessness over self-preservation. Leading by example is never easy, but you show up every day in this fight on the front-lines. The battle is different, but the war is the same – you fight to secure the best possible outcomes for your patients.

And so, in honor of National Nurses Week, all of us at CipherHealth extend our sincerest gratitude for you and your countless acts of extraordinary leadership and compassion. We see you and we thank you for profoundly improving the health outcomes of our most vulnerable. To capture our gratitude, our team created this “Thank You Salute” to our nursing heroes.

CipherHealth Team: Thank You Salute to Nurses

CipherHealth Team Close-Up: Thank You Salute to Nurses

From our team to yours: Thank you for your steadfast commitment to protecting, promoting, and advocating for our sick and vulnerable. You have changed the trajectory of health for our nation and our world.


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