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Empower Patients to Become Active in Managing Their Own Care and Reduce Staff Burden

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With the current economic headwinds, inflationary pressures and persistent staff shortages, health systems are struggling to do more with less while maintaining exemplary levels of care delivery. The remaining workforce is burned out and unable to take on additional tasks especially if its value is not clearly articulated or meaningful rounding is not a strategic goal within the organization.

As consumers of healthcare, patients are demanding a better experience, one that allows them to manage their own care at their own convenience and take control of their own health. Self-Service Rounding is an offering that allows patients to self-report feedback in real time—while still in care with the provider—so issues can be addressed quicker before they impact satisfaction.

Patients access a set of questions either through QR codes placed in their rooms or common areas, such as the ED waiting room, or through receiving a text message to their personal mobile device upon hospital admission. Patients can respond to questions personalized to their unique circumstances, posed in a conversational manner, so it doesn’t seem like yet another survey or form to complete. If the responses need a follow up or escalation, relevant staff would be alerted for faster service recovery, and nurse rounding list can be prioritized based on patients’ responses.

Self-Service Rounding Allows Health Systems To:

• Provide flexible entry points with a QR code or SMS accessed from patient’s personal devices
• Engage patients with personalized questions in a conversational manner
• Alert care providers about issues and complaints for faster service recovery
• Prioritize rounding list based on self-rounding insights
• Gather feedback from non-English speaking patients in a communication modality they are comfortable with to minimize hesitancy

Prioritize Staff Wellbeing

• Engage patients at key moments while reducing staff hours by offloading manual tasks
• Have more time to connect with individual patients, instead of rushing through rounds
Motivate staff with positive feedback and recognition directly from the patient

Increase Trust Through Personalized Engagement

• Provide patients the opportunity to give feedback at their own time, instead of waiting for a round or post-discharge
• Ask questions relevant to the patient’s unique background and touch points in their journey

Understand the “Why” Behind Your Scores

• Have better visibility into what’s working and what to improve to retain patients
Quickly modify questions through self-service when organizational goals change
• Reach a broader patient population

Utilize Data-Driven Decision Making

• Act on real-time data instead of waiting for months’ old survey data
Prioritize rounding efforts based on self-round responses
Pair insights from in-person and self-rounding to have a holistic view of patient experience

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